Casino Tycoon – Finally, a Casino Where You Win

Tycoon Casino

It’s a busy place. Both in-game and away from slots, you get tons of fun and rewarding features. Where do you even start?

Let’s go over everything step by step.

Casino Tycoon Games

Did you know that at Tycoon Casino all slots are free to play? Not just that it’s no cost to playing them. You, undoubtedly, know that some casinos lock most of their games to encourage you to play, collect XP points, and unlock new games.  Tycoon Casino is not that kind of a casino.

All slots are unlocked from the beginning. But you do grow your XP level here to access bigger bet limits.

Casino Tycoon – Become a Billionaire

Casino Tycoon Free Coins

I personally love social casinos that offer big coin rewards. It may not make a huge difference when you play, but there is something satisfactory about having hundreds of millions of coins.

At Tycoon Casino you start with 100 million coins and, hopefully, go up from there.

I’m not saying that it’s easy winning at Tycoon Casino slots games. For the most part, it’s as swingy as anywhere else. But with the help of free bonuses, I boosted my bankroll to 250 million coins within the first few days.

Casino Tycoon Bonuses – Grow Your Bankroll

To start, there are the regular bonuses. You get one daily Jackpot Wheel spin, which will produce at least 5 million coins. Often, more.

There are also 12-minute bonuses. Even though it’s a small addition (500,000 coins) by itself, every hour you can claim 2.5 million coins. So, 25 million free coins during the course of the day is very realistic.

Daily Tasks are fantastic but you need to know when to stop. For the first few days, daily tasks are easy to complete. But after a while, they will get harder.  Do your best to complete them every day, because the coin rewards are massive. But, if you feel stuck, take a break and continue daily tasks the next day.

Casino Tycoon Bonus

Bankroll Management Tips For Tycoon Casino Beginners

You already know that you start with 100 million coins. Don’t get too relaxed. On slots, 100 million coins will get you 150 spins. So, don’t go crazy. Keep your bets up to 1 million and watch out for downswings.

Remember, the greatest advantage at Tycoon Casino is that you have unrestricted access to their slot library. If you can’t get wins on one slot, change games. In fact, short game rounds are much more suitable at this casino, because you get the chance to return to the lobby, grab unclaimed bonuses, and then try another game.

And, lastly, a tip from the pros. Watch your bets! Some heavy-lifting players noticed that sometimes slots pay better when you play smaller bets. Which is hard to confirm, but certainly worth looking out for.